Shopping Info 購物須知

Shopping Info 購物須知
  • 每件 Vein Studio 的作品皆為手工製作,商品的準備的時間約2-6週,感謝您的耐心等待。
    Every Vein Studio jewllery is handmade to order, please expect 2-6 weeks before receiving your order. We appreciated your patience. 

  • 因 COVID-19 疫情影響,各國運送訂單的時間有所不同。有關詳細信息,請參考以下預計運送時間:
    台灣 : 1-3 個工作日 | 香港:5-7 個工作日 | 亞洲地區:7-10 個工作日 | 歐洲:14 - 28 個工作日 | 澳洲,紐西蘭與大洋洲:14 - 20個工作日 | 美洲 :14 - 20個工作日
    Potential shipment delays due to COVID-19: During this unprecedented time, you may experience delayed delivery times; we thank you for your patience and understanding. Estimated shipping days are the following: Taiwan: 1-3 working days Hong Kong: 5-7 working days Asia: 7-10 working days Europe: 14-28 working days Australia, New Zealand, Oceania: 14-20 working days America: 14-20 working days.
  • 我們會盡力協助以最快速且安全的運輸方式寄送商品,但不提供絕對保證。實際的交貨時間將取決於您選擇的運輸方式與全球物流狀況。
    Vein Studio will thrive our best to ship your order but does not guarantee the arrival time. The actual arrival time of your order depends on the method chosen.
  • 關稅和進口稅:買方需要負責當地國家關稅和進口稅。Vein Studio 不承擔因疫情或海關造成的延誤。
    Duty fees or Import taxes: Please note the customer is responsible for any duty fees or import taxes associated with their order. 
  • 各國進口關稅標準不同,如在收取包裹時,有關稅的產生,請由消費者自行承擔。若因關稅產生而拒收包裹,退款金額將扣除事件產生的來回運費、兩地關稅及其他產生的費用後,再退回原訂單餘額。
    When the customer rejects receiving the package due to a duty fee or import taxes, the refund amount will be adjusted coordinatedly, including shipping fees.