About Vein Studio 關於我們

VEIN STUDIO is a multi-disciplinary team with a core value of sustainable living and a circular economy. Since 2019, this initiative project aims to provoke a sustainable lifestyle through daily objects. Vein Studio collaborates with Spring Pool Glass, a renowned glass recycling company in Taiwan, to obtain a stable material resource of recycled glass for jewelry design and participatory events. With Spring Pool Glass's support, Vein Studio is well connected with the existing creative industry in Taiwan.

Besides using sustainable material, Vein Studio believes placemaking is a long-term solution for a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, Vein Studio cooperates with Collaborative O., a Taipei-based placemaking professional, to deliver workshops and exhibitions with the local community. Through daily objects and art intervention, Vein Studio could deliver the concept of circular flow to initiate small actions from the basic unit in the city—community.

Through the perspective of landscape architecture; with the assistance of metalworking and visual design; Vein Studio discusses the relationship between humans and the environment. We believe that even small changes can drive long-term chain reactions of the entire system.

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Vein Studio 是一個具有永續意識的工作室,「Vein」取名的緣由是為貫徹品牌永續一脈、惜物傳承的理念,結合首飾設計師與地景建築、視覺設計不同專業領域工作者,透過全觀性的角度將時尚結合⾃然地景,淘選回收物料:回收銀、回收玻璃等,重新設計為可配戴首飾,賦予舊物生命,堅持選擇對地球與環境友善的材料,每一個物件從開始到結束的過程,都確保達到充分利用並可持續再生,每項創作皆以小量手工製作而成,實踐零廢棄包裝,連同售後維修等服務,都堅持實踐永續生活的概念。

每一件 Vein Studio 的永續首飾皆汲取自純粹靜謐的大自然元素,Rosée Collection 結合露珠般的回收銀花、彩色琉璃,展現晨曦的朝氣。

Vein Studio 團隊設計首飾時,除了體現追求美麗的初衷,更重視材質的構造、來源,
訴說對於「美」的執著與好奇。 首飾是一個傳遞訊息的載體,​藉由配戴後更成為代表個人思想與傳遞立場的物件,每件重新塑形的有機金屬、拾起的每塊玻璃碎片,都與你我的生活息息相關,展現材料的多樣用途,實踐有意義的循環,攜手為永續設計耕耘。

「 讓每一個物件的終點都成為 Vein Studio 永續設計的起點。」